Active Listening

As counselors, we are taught various ways to offer intentional, compassionate, and active listening to clients. When someone is actively listening, they’re intentionally focusing on the other person. The listener is expected to repeat what the client has said; in other words, we must understand what the client is saying. We must get a clear [...]

Motivating Students

There are several ways to motivate students with our personality, the subject matter, specific teaching styles, and assignments and tests. I gravitated towards the strategies that I believe would be helpful for my younger educational self.  Make the course personal enough to motivate students I write students congratulatory letters/notes when they do well on a [...]

Technology in the Classroom

I never considered how fundamental technology in the classroom is to the current student. Technology is used so fluidly that it is often surpassed until our computer crashes or deletes that assignment you spent several hours working on! Search Engine vs. Textbook As a student, I gather about 65% of my research, questions, and further [...]

Art Therapy

Art Therapy Interview: Students Ask Me Questions The work created in art therapy is rooted in the person and everything they decide to share at that moment. Usually, the artwork is built from their unconscious and then manifested in the art. People struggling with trauma may need help understanding their emotions or would like help [...]

Forgiveness Art Activity

Forgiveness is a gift we all possess; to each of us, forgiveness can look like several things. For this forgiveness art activity, I want you to create a symbol (gift) of forgiveness in your mind and transform it into this card. Think of a gift you can offer to the person you are trying to [...]

Teaching Forgiveness

Teaching forgivness is an underrepresented skill in our culture. This blog is a helpful start to teaching others forgivness. The Different Levels of Forgiveness:  Trait Forgiveness: a constant attitude to forgive (forgiving  across multiple disciplines, occur across a variety of relationships) The expectation in an interpersonal relationship (dyadic forgiveness): forgiving across many offenses in the same relationship (marriage, [...]

White Relationships

What is it like to have white relationships? What about white friends, family, co-workers, peers, and bosses? Questions to consider when you are involved in white relationships: Do they respect you? Do they stand up for you? Do they support your growth? Do they belittle your experiences of blackness? Do they ask the right questions [...]

Microaggressions in Psychology

I hardly recognized microaggressions in psychology, relationships, or experiences for most of my life - until I gained internal awareness.I felt aggression and underpinned racism weren’t existent in my life. I lived in a predominantly white American neighborhood, and most of my friends were white Americans. This was the life I felt comfortable and safe [...]

Students Experiencing COVID-19

As a Students Experiencing COVID-19, I have noticed a tendency to meet our professors' expectations rather than considering our own. To my understanding, professors are here to teach us the ways of the field. This is one perspective. Do students experiencing Covid-19 know how to ask for what they need? I hope we can adapt [...]

Do Students Need Therapy?

Do students need therapy? All students in graduate programs should be advised to seek therapy to promote individual growth. Always ask yourself why am I doing this? Graduate gatekeepers and practitioners can choose to advertise the pursuit of individual therapy for students. To this point, I believe all students in graduate programs (medical doctors, lawyers, [...]