Elevating Your Small Living Room for a Cozy Fall

As the crisp autumn air descends upon us, there's nothing quite like the allure of a cozy living room to nestle into—a space that encourages meditation, mindfulness, creativity, wellness, and diversity. Whether your living space is petite or spacious, you can transform it into a snug, inviting retreat that embodies the essence of fall while [...]

Become a Mindful Listener

How do we become more mindful listeners?! Mindful listening is about taking time to experience what you are hearing or listening to at any given moment!Without judgment, distraction, or self-gain.Becoming a mindful listener takes time and effort!Set an intention to stay present and be a more mindful listener! The Intentional Simplicity Space: Bohemian Reading Nook [...]

Creating A New Vibe At Home

Creating a new vibe at home can be overwhelming and exciting if you have the right imagination! If you are like me, I redecorate my space quite often. Some reasons I do this are to enhance my mood, declutter my spaces, make room for new changes, and maintain my vibe. I have put together tips, [...]

Self-care and Quarantine

It is hard to practice self-care while guaranteeing? I have noticed that self-care can be found in minor ways - however, is it hard to practice self-care while guaranteeing? I believe that there is a difference between internal self-care and external self-care. As a new therapist, my internal self-care has precedented my life Being present [...]