Black Mental Wellness

Black Mental Wellness

I've expanded my understanding of how people use their suffering, particularly in Black mental wellness, to find meaning in their lives. Humanity has creatively used this to effect social change and improve collective wellbeing. At Intentional Simplicity LLC, we encourage exploring different perspectives on social systems, including personal, relational, and institutional, which contribute to harmful [...]

Staying Creative and Inspired 

Staying creative and inspired in your career is not always easy for creatives and artists alike. Do you have a difficult time bringing your creative vision to light? A platform to discuss how you are feeling about your interest, passions, and goals may be just what you need. Our curiosity does not always feel exciting [...]

Building Internal Awareness

Building internal awareness can happen outside of the therapist's office. What is it like to check in with your intuition, intentions, and personal needs? Take a few deep breaths when you get a chance and check in with your inner guidance. Take time to reflect on what may be happening within your reality.Take time to [...]

Self-care and Quarantine

It is hard to practice self-care while guaranteeing? I have noticed that self-care can be found in minor ways - however, is it hard to practice self-care while guaranteeing? I believe that there is a difference between internal self-care and external self-care. As a new therapist, my internal self-care has precedented my life Being present [...]

Introspection and Self-Awareness

I enjoy speaking about the topic of introspection and self-awareness! I am interested in understanding how people explore their patterns individually and externally. This practice aids in emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence allows us to use our perspective and critical thinking skills effectively. Introspection and Self-Awareness On a deeper level, it requires us to consider our [...]