Self-Care While at Home

Organic Rainbow Moment: Self-Care While at Home

Being at home does not mean you always have to be available. Self-care while at home is necessary for creating healthy boundaries.

Covid-19 has reshaped how we communicate and make ourselves available to others. I know I have readjusted how I balance my time and schedule! It’s essential for my well-being and the clients I support. 

Setting boundaries with your bosses, coworkers, family, and friends is a hard thing. That’s why it’s important! Especially if you are a people pleaser (don’t get me started on attachment styles) Trust me when I say that boundaries are a wonderful way to let people know how you’d like to be treated. Sorta like your personal “non-negotiables!”

As we grow and become our unique selves we get our first “go” at boundary setting, from our parents, education, and peers. However, we aren’t often taught how to explore our emotional boundaries. Emotional boundaries are one of my favorite types of boundaries. This form truly gives us space to work on us.

Self-Care While at Home
Organic Rainbow Moment: Self-Care While at Home

How do I set emotional boundaries?

1. Practice identifying which emotions are yours! Some feelings are brought to us by other people and we can take them on without realizing it. 

2. Allow your emotions to give you insight. When our boundaries are crossed we can present with discomfort, fear, guilt, resentment, and anxiety, for example. Your body and mind work together to keep you safe. By setting boundaries, you can create new ways to process your emotions safely.

3. Know your limitations. This means you also have to know more about yourself. Decide that you want to commit to you! Learn about your goals, your needs, and how your emotions manifest. 

4. Most importantly, please believe that you are great just as you are. Being a better version of yourself is also being great at being you! Growing in discomfort is also being great at being you! Setting boundaries when you know you’d rather just avoid confrontation is, being great at being you! 

As we teach others how we want to be treated we also gain emotional strength and awareness! “Healthy Emotions” are sustainble, especially if you have an intentional plan. If you are not sure where to start go ahead and schedule a free therapy consultation here. We will work together to discover your strengths and needs.

⁣With Intention, Sarafina

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Intentional Simplicity, LLC thanks PBS SoCal for encouraging the use of wellness, mindfulness, and creativity during these times of uncertainty.