My Story

Everyone has a unique and beautiful story to tell. Your story is the collection of experiences that have shaped your life and the person you are today. It includes your successes, your challenges, and your passions. It’s a story that only you can tell in your own unique way. We all have the power to shape our stories by making choices, taking risks, and embracing opportunities. By reflecting on your past and looking ahead to the future, you can create a story that you are proud to share.

What is my story?

My Story: Sarafina Arthur-Williams

I am the CEO and founder of Intentional Simplicity LLC, a creative and wellness-based virtual private practice. We support our community by consulting on related mental health, neurodiverse, wellness, and multicultural best practices. We foster a culturally inclusive, creative, and diverse environment. I consult with micro and macro organizations that aim to enhance their communities’ quality of life and well-being.

With degrees in Psychology, Fine Arts, Counseling Psychology, Art Therapy, I have a unique blend of both creative and scientific knowledge that makes Intentional Simplicity LLC a valuable asset to our community.

By offering a variety of creative learning methods, we integrate real-life experiences that help our clients increase workplace wellbeing. We aim to support our clients to grow as a collective business and as self-directed individuals. No single approach is the right one for every individual. With this, we create social change by magnifying the unique stories of your community members. Our data collection supports you in developing your organization’s market strategy, foundation, mission, and values. Our self-reflective questioning and growth-based linguistics are integral and profound approaches to qualitative-based workplace research.

Transformational Social Change

As I continue my learning, transformational social change is an approach to creating positive and lasting social change. Social change involves transforming the systems, structures, and ideologies that give rise to inequities and injustices. My current research is based on the principles of collaboration, equity, and justice. Intentional Simplicity LLC seeks to create a more equitable, creative, and sustainable world.

We work together to create policies that foster meaningful dialogue and address the root causes of social issues.

Holistic working environments have been proven to offer a more diverse and inclusive employee experience. Utilizing creative learning methods, such as interactive activities, immersive simulations, and stimulating discussions, can help transform work-culture.

Sarafina Arthur-Williams – CEO & Founder of Intentional Simplicity, LLC
‘all that heals’ by Sarafina Arthur-Williams, coming soon