Choosing Happiness

Choosing happiness when you are free is a new experience of living. You begin again; you know all the things you never wanted.

You have all the freedom to change the unwanted…and can touch, taste, and  feel all the things you ever needed.

Your own wisdom, your own mind. Let it guide your journey towards choosing happiness.

There is self- forgiveness, where your errors no longer affect your happiness, and self-forgiveness is a natural expression of who you are.

Choosing Happiness Activity

Create a symbol (gift) of self-forgiveness in your mind and transform it onto a sheet of paper. Think of a gift you can offer to yourself.  This could be a symbol of a smile, a peace sign, a heart, a cross, or even a word or phrase (etc.).  Allow this symbol to walk with you throughout your accomplishments, goals, and failures. Offer it when necessary and remind yourself that forgiveness is loving ourselves enough not to accept self-judgment or self-harm.

Choosing Happiness
Choosing Happiness

With Intention, Sarafina

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