NOIR COLLECTION 2020 is a collection of Blackness in photography. In 2020 I experienced a wave of strength within the African American community through art. The organic expression of emotion in each photo called me to digitally enhance the photo’s blackness.

Photographers are here to help us find our sight. 


Photographers express the value of meaning-making by showing us how to frame and depict an experience through one’s lens. One of my favorite photography descriptions: “I put my thoughts into colors.”

I, too, do this often with my thoughts! I truly enjoyed seeing each of the photos taken. Each of the images expresses and frames a reality of new perspectives.

I affirm the value of humanity and encourage globalism through photography.


As an African American artist, I value representation in all facets of my community. Blackness is richness in my eyes. My photographs shift perspectives of black – and my lens is black. Within the intersectionality of who I am, I affirm the lives of all people within the black diaspora and capture them through photography.

I believe that photographs hold moments in time. These moments can make up a lifetime.


I innovate spaces to build legacies of Blackness. My medium and my lens have pioneered NOIR COLLECTION 2020. 

Feature Your Black Photos!

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Blackness in Uniform

Blackness is Innocence, Innocence is Magic

Blackness in Romance

Share Your Truth: Noir Collection Experience

Feature: Britani & Her Family

I’m Puertorican and black. I’m very ignorant of black culture because my mom was a single mom, and I was raised on my “Hispanic” side. I’m just as black as anyone else. Because my son and I are of lighter skin, we’re learning to take pride in being black. Teaching my son to respect all shades/people equally, even amongst colorism, is essential to me. As I, too, will continue to be that example to him. I’m raising our black son like every other black family – to prepare him for our world. Even though my husband is of Latin origin, I am also responsible for helping him understand life as a black woman and a little more of the black experience.

Britani B.