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Sarafina Arthur-Williams, MA, is the CEO and founder of Intentional Simplicity LLC, a wellness-based private practice. She educates her clients and practitioners about positive psychology, art therapy, and the value of wellness and mindfulness. She is ranked on Feedspot’s top psychology bloggers of 2020 -2022 and features as a guest speaker on various mental health platforms. Sarafina documents how she practices wellness in her daily life through her online presence to encourage sustainability.

Episode 9: #ORM Shadow Work Journaling Prompts Sarafina on Air!

My team and I put together 8 Shadow Work Journaling Prompts to help you support your light within your shadows. First, below are three introspective quotes I would like for you to ponder. Shadow Work Quotes to Ponder Chloe ThurlowI disagree with Jung when he says the Shadow is the person we’d rather not be. The Shadow is that unadorned part of ourselves. It is flexible in the way it stretches and contorts. The Shadow is our dark side, the side we hide and climb into, not the person we would rather not be, but the person we would rather be. Mateo SolYour Shadow is a dark omen, an influential teacher that reveals to you the places in your life where you are energetically blocked. When you ignore these signs, you perpetuate the cycle of your suffering. Sasha GrahamThe shadow is needed now more than ever. We heal the world when we heal ourselves, and hope shines brightest when it illuminates the dark. 8 Shadow work journaling prompts: What are the worst character traits a person can have? When is a time you have demonstrated these traits? Who do you envy? Why? How might you be able to work towards gaining the things they have that you feel jealousy towards? What person has hurt you the most in your life? Write them a letter telling them everything you’d like to say. What most frightens you? How might you be able to expose yourself to that fear in a safe way? When have you been self-sabotaging or destructive in your life? Examine how you were feeling at the time and what triggered your behavior. What patterns or cycles have you been repeating that hold you back from seeing your shadow? Kate TunstallAwareness and acceptance of our faults and limitations, forgiving ourselves and others and letting go of the pain we’re holding onto to live a more peaceful life. Thank you for stopping by, and I hope you incorporate the 8 Shadow Work Journaling Promptslearning into your daily practice. If unsure where to start, schedule a free therapy consultation. We will work together to discover your strengths and needs. In the meantime, the self-work can begin now with the journal prompts I shared above. Stay safe and take care of yourself. With Intention, Sarafina — Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
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