Design Your Office Space

When you design your office space consider your comfort, safety, efficiency, and fosters collaboration.

How do you create office spaces that your clients and employees want to come back to?

To create office spaces that people want to come back to, consider incorporating comfortable and ergonomic furniture, plenty of natural light, plants and greenery, functional technology, and personalized touches that reflect the company’s culture. It’s also important to create spaces for collaboration, privacy, and relaxation. Finally, regularly gather feedback from employees to make adjustments and improvements to the space.


Design Your Office Space: Initial Consultation: (Required for each package) / $150

During this time, we work together to explore your aesthetic! What is it like to be in the space you are creating? What is it like to have a customer, friend, family, or even colleagues in the space?

We’ll take a walk through the space and focus on the areas that you have concerns about or even spaces you love and want to recreate! 

The consultation session will be an hour. The designer will take photos and build mental mappings of your space as well. We will discuss budgets and timelines, so the designer can build a framework of what is most doable and affordable for each client. 

Redesign Your Office Space Package

Your newly designed space encompasses your visions, ideas, and favorite things! During this process, we remove your existing décor and transform the space into the desired aesthetic. We will create an individualized plan for your space and an estimated timeframe based on the number of rooms and the amount of existing décor you want to keep. 

Redesign Your Office Space: Virtual

Do you work virtually or travel often? Intentional Simplicity not only helps clients build in-person spaces but also considers the importance of virtual spaces. What does your space look like online? What do you need to feel attuned and grounded in your virtual space? How does your virtual space impact your clients and customers? Your space can support you in feeling your best while spending time in the virtual world.

Intentional Simplicity Mural Artist

Intentional Simplicity not only helps clients build personal and meaningful spaces they also offer customized art pieces (painting, murals, crafting, etc.) DIY projects are also welcomed, pricing is based on the completed project.