Hidden Magic of “Organic Rainbow Moments”

Hidden Magic of "Organic Rainbow Moments" in psychology, spirituality, and intersect to reveal transformative insights." It's here that we unearth the captivating concept of "Organic Rainbow Moments," where the cosmos orchestrates subtle but transformative interventions in our lives. These moments, akin to tiny, ephemeral rainbows, may pass unnoticed if we aren't paying close attention. Yet, [...]

Navigating Commitment Anxiety

In the journey of love and relationships, the fear of commitment can feel like an insurmountable mountain. This article is your compassionate guide, offering deep insights and gentle encouragement to support Navigating Commitment Anxiety. The Path to Love and Healing is illuminated as we explore the roots of commitment anxiety, its telltale signs, and how to navigate [...]

Elevating Your Small Living Room for a Cozy Fall

As the crisp autumn air descends upon us, there's nothing quite like the allure of a cozy living room to nestle into—a space that encourages meditation, mindfulness, creativity, wellness, and diversity. Whether your living space is petite or spacious, you can transform it into a snug, inviting retreat that embodies the essence of fall while [...]

Cyberbullying and Social Media

April is National Minority Health Month, and we are shedding light on the connection between cyberbullying and social media, which affects both BIPOC and LGBTQIA children.  How social media affects mental health and cyberbullying? Cyberbullying is a form of harassment that occurs online through text messages or other digital means. It can seriously affect children, [...]

Five Ways to Create a Positive Work Culture

Setting the tone from the top is crucial in creating a positive work culture. Here are five ways to create a positive work culture Encourage open communication and collaboration among staff.  Show appreciation for your employees’ efforts by recognizing their contributions.  Foster a sense of community by holding team building activities and social events.  Offer [...]

Black Mental Wellness

Black Mental Wellness

I've expanded my understanding of how people use their suffering, particularly in Black mental wellness, to find meaning in their lives. Humanity has creatively used this to effect social change and improve collective wellbeing. At Intentional Simplicity LLC, we encourage exploring different perspectives on social systems, including personal, relational, and institutional, which contribute to harmful [...]

Staying Creative and Inspired 

Staying creative and inspired in your career is not always easy for creatives and artists alike. Do you have a difficult time bringing your creative vision to light? A platform to discuss how you are feeling about your interest, passions, and goals may be just what you need. Our curiosity does not always feel exciting [...]

Healing After a Narcissistic Relationship

Healing after a narcissistic relationship requires tips like self-compassion, conscious eating, mindful sleeping, self-kindness, and intentional thoughts. How do I heal after leaving a narcissistic relationship? Relational trauma is an everyday practice mainly because it took each day to get you here. You are unlearning, and that is wonderful! Due to the impact of narcissistic dynamics [...]

Your Creative Legacy

My art is a tool to enhance the African diaspora's beauty, love, creativity, and resilience. Art has the power to involve itself in the essential form of understanding the self. The Creative Legacy Project Art allows people to attribute newfound knowledge to a perspective that has brought a limited view to their environment or circumstance. [...]