The First Therapy Session

Reflecting on my first therapy session, I remember sitting on the bench outside the therapist’s office. Patiently waiting to be called, yet sweating profusely – full of anxiety and uncertainty. I immediately began to contemplate whether I should stay or walk away. 

Nervous Thinking and Fears

  • What would my family think if I was here?
  • What would my coach think if I was here?
  • What will the therapist ask me?
  • What do I have to tell the therapist?

Do I need to be here, or is there another option? I quickly grabbed my bag and stood up. There was a sudden moment when I thought… “stay”- I was desperate to feel better. I shook my head and started to walk away.

The First Therapy Session

Taking the First Step

I heard the door open, and my name was called. “Sarafina?” The therapist smiled and asked me if I was ready. I turned towards her and followed her into her office. There was an oversized couch, and I sat on the right, holding all of my belongings. My throat was choked up, and I felt like I was swallowing cotton. The session began – What brings you in today? A flood of tears came pouring down my face. 

Next Steps

I will never forget my first therapy session, as it was probably the most frightening adult conversation I have ever had. I share this moment because it is necessary for the therapist to understand a client’s vulnerability and the strength it takes for one to enter into a therapeutic relationship. People do not usually participate in therapy unless there is an internal problem they can no longer handle on their own.

The therapist’s role is to understand the presenting problem and work with the client to discover ways of processing and handling it. Schedule a free consultation with me if you want clarity and insight into your first therapy session with me.

The First Therapy Session
The First Therapy Session

With Intention, Sarafina