Black Mental Wellness

Black Mental Wellness

I've expanded my understanding of how people use their suffering, particularly in Black mental wellness, to find meaning in their lives. Humanity has creatively used this to effect social change and improve collective wellbeing. At Intentional Simplicity LLC, we encourage exploring different perspectives on social systems, including personal, relational, and institutional, which contribute to harmful [...]

Your Creative Legacy

My art is a tool to enhance the African diaspora's beauty, love, creativity, and resilience. Art has the power to involve itself in the essential form of understanding the self. The Creative Legacy Project Art allows people to attribute newfound knowledge to a perspective that has brought a limited view to their environment or circumstance. [...]

all that heals

This journey began while in my psychology master's program; I was interested in learning about my identity and purpose in this world. I would ask questions, read books, listen to podcasts, you name it! However, I was still feeling stuck. I felt I would never truly understand more about who I was and my intention in [...]

Building Internal Awareness

Building internal awareness can happen outside of the therapist's office. What is it like to check in with your intuition, intentions, and personal needs? Take a few deep breaths when you get a chance and check in with your inner guidance. Take time to reflect on what may be happening within your reality.Take time to [...]

Capturing a Sense of Ease

Capturing a Sense of Ease has not been any easier while traveling. My photography on the road has been surreal and reenergizing. How would you describe this photo in ONE word? My one word: Ease Nature is Healing To move, to breathe, to fly, to float,To gain all while you give,To roam the roads of [...]