Rhythm and Wellness

I have found that health is more than just physical; it’s mental, emotional, and full of rhythm and wellness. As a third-year college double major in psychology and dance, I have always viewed health differently from most of my peers. Most believe that health strictly revolves around eating right and lifting weights. One can have [...]

Establishing Your Voice

Organic Rainbow Moment Organic Rainbow Moment: Having trouble using your voice, or have a hard time saying what you're intending to say? Admittedly I do! Our voice is a huge part of our internal and external growth. The lack of ownership can impact our ability to make decisions, have our needs met, and reach our [...]

Choosing a Path of Openness

Organic Rainbow Moment: When you are free… it is a new experience of living.You begin again, you know all the things you never wanted. You have all the freedom to change the unwanted…and can touch, taste, and  feel all the things you ever needed. Your own wisdom, your own mind. Let it guide your journey. [...]

New Year: What do you need at this time?

Organic Rainbow Moment: What do you need at this moment? ✨...What do you, all of you – your emotions, physical body, thinking brain – want, or even need you to do?⁣Do you need to be alone? With others? Do you need a hug? Need touch?⁣Do you need to rest? Healthy food? Exercise? To dance?Do you [...]

Self-worth and the Value of Community

Organic Rainbow Moment:Our sense of self can feel weak, ineffective, and lack meaning/goals. As humans, we require the support of others to help us reach a healthier sense of self.⁣What happens when you don’t have a healthy environment to build your sense of self?Our internal self struggles to enhance their internal regulation, self-esteem, and feelings [...]

Feeling love deprived? If you are a human, I am sure this resonates…

Lori Deschene; Do You Recognize and Receive Love? ✨⁣What I’ve learned is that receiving love doesn’t necessarily mean opening up to a long-term relationship, though of course, it can mean that.⁣It also means consciously looking for acts of love and them choosing to appreciate and accept them.⁣When someone looks out for you, empathizes with you, [...]

The 3 Components of Burnout (aka stressed out!)

Organic Rainbow Moment Organic Rainbow Moment: Emotional Exhaustion: caring too much for too long…⁣Decrease Sense of Accomplishment: nothing you do makes a difference…⁣Depersonalization: the decline of compassion, kindness, and loving-ness towards yourself and others…...Any of these sound familiar?⁣I have been creating artwork about exploring the gray and cycles of uncertainty. ✨ How do you move [...]

Self-Care While at Home

Organic Rainbow Moment: Self-Care While at Home Being at home does not mean you always have to be available. Self-care while at home is necessary for creating healthy boundaries. Covid-19 has reshaped how we communicate and make ourselves available to others. I know I have readjusted how I balance my time and schedule! It’s essential [...]

Challenging Thoughts, Beliefs, and Values

Challenging Thoughts, Beliefs, and Values

Challenging thoughts, beliefs, and values as we develop new insights create a highly uncomfortable feeling called cognitive dissonance. Frantz Fanon once said… Sometimes people hold a very strong core belief. The new evidence cannot be accepted when presented with evidence that works against that belief. Cognitive Dissonance; challenging thoughts, beliefs, and values During our wellness [...]