Self-worth and the Value of Community

Organic Rainbow Moment:Our sense of self can feel weak, ineffective, and lack meaning/goals. As humans, we require the support of others to help us reach a healthier sense of self.⁣What happens when you don’t have a healthy environment to build your sense of self?Our internal self struggles to enhance their internal regulation, self-esteem, and feelings [...]

Where are you now in your journey? Accepting This – Mark Nepo

Organic Rainbow Moment I heard this poem today and have been drawn back to it several times..Accepting This - Mark Nepo⁣Yes, it is true. I confess,I have thought great thoughts,and sung great songs—all of itrehearsal for the majestyof being held.•The dream is awakenedwhen thinking I love youand life beginswhen saying I love youand joy moves [...]

Feeling love deprived? If you are a human, I am sure this resonates…

Lori Deschene; Do You Recognize and Receive Love? ✨⁣What I’ve learned is that receiving love doesn’t necessarily mean opening up to a long-term relationship, though of course, it can mean that.⁣It also means consciously looking for acts of love and them choosing to appreciate and accept them.⁣When someone looks out for you, empathizes with you, [...]

The 3 Components of Burnout (aka stressed out!)

Organic Rainbow Moment Organic Rainbow Moment: Emotional Exhaustion: caring too much for too long…⁣Decrease Sense of Accomplishment: nothing you do makes a difference…⁣Depersonalization: the decline of compassion, kindness, and loving-ness towards yourself and others…...Any of these sound familiar?⁣I have been creating artwork about exploring the gray and cycles of uncertainty. ✨ How do you move [...]

Creating The Life You Want

Organic Rainbow Moment: I love to talk about “leveling up” with my clients! At every step of your journey allow your experiences to drive you forward.The future you is dependent on how you will show up.Practice intentional simplicity when creating yourself, set your intention to be genuine and true to your life. Authenticity is vulnerability [...]

Ideas For Creating The Perfect Entry

Sarafina’s Entryway The Intentional Simplicity Space: Working in a large room is much easier when you break the spaces up in parts. Imagine feeling a new #vibe in each section of your home. Ask yourself, what do I want to feel in this room. Does your natural #aesthetic shine through your home?...Interior Design Tips While [...]

The First Therapy Session

I can remember sitting on the bench outside of the therapist office. Patiently waiting to be called, yet sweating profusely – full of anxiety and uncertainty. I immediately began to contemplate whether I should stay or walk away. What would my family think if I was here? What would my coach think if I was here? What will the [...]

In My Skin Event: Ichthyosis Within the Black Community I recently came across the In My Skin event focusing on the African American community and their experiences of ichthyosis. This event was hosted by the Foundation for Ichthyosis & Related Skin Types organization (FIRST) on Friday, August 14. FIRST is a global organization that seeks to find cures and build conversations about Ichthyosis. [...]