The Intentional Simplicity Services

Services made to support our clients in being creatively authentic in their personal and business sectors.

Framed artwork by Sarafina Arthur-Williams

Wellness in Business Service

Wellness in Business service is a positive psychology-applied approach to influencing workplace climate. We evaluate your business leadership strategies through emotional learning, as it impacts your employees’ quality of work and life. We aim to shape and deliver positive cultural change in a complex organization.

Content Creation & Art Service

Interested in a workplace mural, presentation, VLOG series, community project, or have other ideas of expressing creativity? Sarafina Arthur-Williams creatively shows up for your artistic needs with intention, passion, and soul-esteem!

Design Your Space Service

Designing your interior space to increase ease, creativity, functionality, and transcendence! During this time, we work together to explore your environmental aesthetic! What is it like to be in your space? What is it like to have a customer, friend, family, or even colleagues in the space?

Creative Consultation Service

The Creative Consultation service gives you a platform to discuss how you are feeling about your business, interest/passions, and goals. As a creative, cultivating your authenticity is imperative. We are here to help you tap into those creative juices!

Wellness Based Therapy Services

Wellness Based Therapy is focused on the client’s 8-dimensions of wellness as they pertain to wants, needs, and goals. There is an emphasis on intersectionality, and I encourage individuality. I incorporate my wellness, creativity, psychology, and mindfulness expertise to help create positive growth and internal change.