How does your past impact your future?

Our past is not something to be afraid of. Most importantly, it’s not something we can escape. Our body holds a lot of our life experiences. How does your past impact your future?

Repressing our past experiences does not necessarily mean that we are healing.

Who you are today is not who you were yesterday. Believe that you are always growing. Allow your memories and past experiences to encourage and create new life within yourself.

Our goal within our growth is to respond to old triggers with present perspectives.

This week (and forever), ask yourself:

How can I give myself compassion, grace, comfort, support, nutrients, care, etc.?

How does your past impact your future?

Ask yourself, am I okay at this moment?

What do I need to feel grounded or hopeful at this moment?

Don’t forget to breathe, it is your closest pathway to the present moment.

Wellness-based Therapy focuses on the client’s 8-dimensions of wellness as they pertain to wants, needs, and goals. It is a strength-based and culturally considerate approach to therapy that focuses on treating underlying causes of symptoms and examining the person’s well-being from a holistic perspective. If this is something you are interested in learning more about, contact me here.

Holistic forms of therapy allow room for healing that addresses issues and recognizes factors from a mental, emotional, and spiritual standpoint, as well as the client’s physical health.

With Intention, Sarafina