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The Intentional Simplicity Services

Wellness is a conscious, self-directed and evolving process of achieving full potential. It is multidimensional and holistic, encompasses mental and spiritual well-being, along with environmental well-being.

Sarafina, CEO & Founder

Wellness Based Individual Therapy

As your therapist, I am an essential participant on the road to ‘you’ getting back to ‘you’!

Wellness Based Individual Therapy is focused on the client’s 8-dimensions of wellness as they pertain to wants, needs, and goals. There is an emphasis of intersectionality and I encourage individuality. I incorporate my expertise in wellness, creativity, psychology, and mindfulness to help create positive growth and internal change.

All sessions are completed virtually and by appointment only. Please know that Tele-therapy will be a different quality of services than in-person sessions. It will also be challenging to conduct art therapy  this way! What will be important is that you make efforts to access a quiet space free of distractions and other individuals. 

Creative Consultation

I help you or your business show up as your best self! Let’s move through this stuck point.

The Creative Consultation service gives you a platform to discuss how you are feeling about your business, interest/passions, and goals. As a creative, cultivating your authenticity is imperative. I am here to help you and your practice tap into those creative juices! Within 3-9 months, you are sure to find clarity and make a big change in your creative work and life.

Wellness in Business

The Wellness in Business service is a positive psychology applied approach used to influence workplace climate. I evaluate your business leadership strategies with an emphasis on emotional learning, as it impacts employee wellness. I aim to shape and deliver positive cultural change in a complex organization.

Intentional Simplicity, LLC is here to simplify and encourage intentionality within your companies’ total wellness journey.

Experience teaches us over time, passion teaches us in a moment.

Sarafina, CEO & Founder