Intentional Simplicity, LLC


I found myself constantly thinking about my identity and what my purpose was in this world. I would ask questions, read books, listen to podcast, you name it! Yet, I was still feeling stuck and felt as if I would never truly understand what I needed to do to understand more about who I was and what my intention was. Then it hit me… I would never truly know!

I realized I was living a life of repetitive action and not living through intention. I then shifted my focus to finding my peace and left the unknown at ease. I could find my peace though personal intention – by being purposeful in my daily living. However, it doesn’t stop there. Being intentionally mindful is a practice and a skill that we have to continue to work on throughout our lives. Finding out how to do so was my next mission!

Intentional Simplicity, LLC is a Wellness based practice that focuses on who you are, and how your mind works. The practice incorporates four key components of identity: wellness, psychology, mindfulness, and creative expression.

Intentional Simplicity, LLC will include personal expression, videos, stories, narratives, adventures, advice, quotes, books, and much more to help you gather tools to understand more about your self and the relationships around you.

It is important that you stay open and willing to the process! I am excited to start this journey with you!

With intention,


Sarafina Arthur-Williams, CEO and Founder of Intentional Simplicity, LLC interview with Dr. Chiddi Okafor