Intentional Simplicity is all about wellness! Join us in building a creative, fulfilling, and sustainable approach to mental wellness.

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Sarafina here,

I intend to help you create a conscious life of wellness within your business and personal life. 

Understanding your evolving purpose and identity has never been more transformative.

Intentional Simplicity LLC is the art of creative, relational, and scientific-based practices. 

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We provide consultation and development services to empower BIPOC and LGBTQIA individuals or organizations experiencing mental wellness problems.

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Intentional Simplicity LLC (IS LLC), founded in 2020, has held a mission to create environments that foster intersectional harmony, inclusivity, and authenticity. We promote diversity of thought through all dimensions of wellness. Our consulting team comprises BIPOC and LGBTQIA neurodiverse and autistic leaders in education, human resource psychological training, therapeutic recruitment, and social service research sectors. 

We support organizations and educators by consulting on related mental health, wellness, and multicultural best practices that foster a culturally inclusive, creative, and diverse environment.

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