Creative Minds Episode 1: The Psychologist Chair (Poem 103) Video Sarafina Arthur-Williams, MA is the CEO and founder of Intentional Simplicity LLC, a wellness-based private practice. As a creative problem solver, she educates her clients and practitioners about positive psychology, art therapy, and the value of wellness and mindfulness. She is ranked on Feedspot’s top psychology bloggers of 2021 -2022 and features as a [...]

Establishing Your Legacy Through Creativity

I began this line work as a means to learn more about how legacy formation within the LGBTQIA and BIPOC communities can be established through arts-based and mindfulness research approaches. As a creative and narrative based researcher I love to bring my perspective to the work! My ‘intuition collection’ blows my mind! Please enjoy the [...]

New Year Growth

Organic Rainbow Moment Organic Rainbow Moment: Grow into your wholeness this new year by taking each step mindfully and wholeheartedly. When you start loving yourself wholeheartedly, you learn to see your own internal happiness, strength and beauty. -Purvi Raniga Building a [healthy] relationship is rare..' Make the commitment wholeheartedly. Just do it and do it [...]

Bell Hooks Inspiration

Organic Rainbow Moment Organic Rainbow Moment: The values we incorporate into Intentional Simplicity has been inspired by several quotes by Bell Hooks. It’s beautiful to say that her legacy has continued to touch me and so many others. Below describe major pillars within the journey of self-growth and quotes written by Bell Hooks! ..SELF-LOVE. Imagine [...]

Top 9 Organic Rainbow Moments: An Interactive Workbook

Top 9 Organic Rainbow Moments: An Interactive Workbook Organic Rainbow Moment: My team and I collected your top 9 favorite moments of 2020-2021 to offer you an interactive and individualized approach to sustainable growth. What are Organic Rainbow Moments? #ORM Organic Rainbow Moments are made with intention, creativity, innovation, and organic sustainability; all with you [...]

All That Heals: A Collection of Poems and Art Pieces

Blown away and so full of joy!Make room on your bookshelf for ‘all that heals’.‘all that heals’ is a collection of poems and art pieces that offered me the language to cultivate a sustainable self-care and mindfulness practice. all that heals I would like to give you a portal into my mind ✨ With Intention, [...]

Sports Psychology and Motivation

Everyone has those moments where they feel like they aren’t performing their best or lack the motivation to perform successfully. This can derive from stress, amotivation, or even an injury. As a dancer who has torn her hamstring, I can confidently say that I know what it’s like to feel as though you can’t accomplish [...]

Journaling as a Tool for Healing

Organic Rainbow Moment: Through journaling, I can trace back to where I started my healing process. Laura Zozimus How can you relate to writing? What does writing bring out in you? Your plans, emotions, realization, unraveling or expressive thoughts? Or was it just a childhood diary filled with secrets? When I was a teenager, I [...]

Emotional Regulation: Dr. Marc Brackett

Organic Rainbow Moment Organic Rainbow Moment: RULER Skills by Marc Brackett; Permission to FeelRecognizing: We pick up on our own emotions by paying attention to our thinking, our physiology, and how our body feels and by paying attention to other people’s facial expressions, body language, vocal tone, and behavior. Understanding: I may see that your [...]