Grounding Practice for Positivity

Organic Rainbow Moment:
Self-compassion within your grounding ✨

Please enjoy this 5-minute meditation by Jessica Dillon ✨

Grounding Practice for Positivity ✨

I want you to close your eyes and imagine that you are in your happiest place. This can be a playground or a beach, or meadow, or even your room. All it needs to be is a place of stillness, of happiness.

Imagine that you are safe in this place, that there is an invisible wall around it that will not permit any worries or negative thoughts to step through. You are safe from these thoughts and worries.

I want you to step away from this place, be assured that no bad thoughts will follow you, and gently walk up a hill. It’s a small hill, one that you walk over easily and at the top, you find a swing. You look around and sit in the swing like it’s the most natural thing in the world.

You begin to sway gently and as you gather speed, you begin to smile. You feel the soft breeze brush your cheeks. You feel your toes tickle the ground beneath you and with your eyes, you look at the blue sky and fly.
I want you to try and peel your smile off your face and find you can not. That the smile is stubborn and continues to exist and grow wider. And wider. You give the biggest, brightest smile you’ve ever given and you soar through the air on your swing. You fly and forget about all you’ve left behind.

With stillness in mind, you soar. ✨

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