Mental Health Instagram Feed

Mental Health Instagram Feed

Your Instagram feed has a lot more influence on your mental health than you know! Have you ever felt discomfort, depression, anxiety, or envious feelings while scrolling through your Instagram feed? Take a few minutes to answer the question below: 

What images, stories, posts, or reels on your timeline increase your well-being or impact your self-esteem? 

How do you think social media impacts your mental health?

If you have not given this much thought, first, give yourself grace. You are in the right spot to learn more about being intentional on Instagram. We have used creative social media platforms such as Instagram to network, showcase, and express ourselves digitally and memorably, regardless of how it influences our mind, body, and soul. The lack of intentional viewing is similar to being unaware of what your eyes see. To have more control over how you internalize this experience, we must first learn about what makes us feel psychologically safe and grounded. 

Build Intentional Instagram Feeds

On top of that, you can influence the people around you with what you post and share. I had this idea when the race/political and social pandemic arose. I wanted to shift my experience online to what felt honest and connected with what mattered most to me. Being intentional with my Instagram feed would help me feel inspired, insightful, calm, supported, and connected to people with the same values. 

After several weeks of posting and re-posting, I noticed that the people drawn to my feed appreciated media that reduced harm and brought balance. Next, I decided to take a step further and transformed the way I responded to others, what people I wanted to add to my feed, and some I needed to remove. In doing so, I found a way to heal and change in a space that is considered complex and untrustworthy. Social peace begins with my perspective of wellness. 

What are Organic Rainbow Moments? #ORM

My Instagram feed includes Organic Rainbow Moments, made with intention, creativity, innovation, and organic sustainability, all with you in mind. These moments are here for you to be present with yourself for a few moments. Self-care and self-love are rooted in considering your future self as a daily practice. Intentional Simplicity is here to make starting and sustaining your wellness journey a little easier!

The Intentional Simplicity Instagram feed began as a method to encourage others to live a life of sustainable wellness. It quickly grew into a space where I felt safe enough to connect with others and myself in dialogues that enhanced mental health and creativity. 

Mental Health Instagram Feed
Instagram feed includes Organic Rainbow Moments

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