Positive Psychology: Bringing Attention to Child and Adolescent’s Wellbeing in an RTF Setting

Key Topics: Positive Psychology, Wellness, Welfare & Wellness, Residential Treatment Facilities Various psychological practitioners and mental health organizations aim to promote the concepts of wellness to adults, children, and communities. Recently, the field of positive psychology has become more widely accepted, and the principle of wellness has been brought to the forefront of mental health. [...]

Intentional Active Listening

As a counselor, we are taught a variety of ways to offer intentional, active listening. When someone is actively listening, they’re intentionally focusing on the other person. It is expected that the listener reiterates and clearly repeat back what the client has said; in other words, it is essential that we understand what the client [...]

Motivating Students

There are several ways to motivate students with our personality, the subject matter, specific teaching styles, and lastly, through assignments and tests. I gravitated towards the strategies that I believe would be helpful for my younger educational self.  1)    Make the course personal: specifically, writing students congratulatory letters/notes when they do well on a test. I [...]

Technology in the Classroom

I never considered how fundamental technology is to the current student. Technology is used so fluidly that it is often surpassed until our computer crashes or deletes that assignment you spent several hours working on! As a student, I gather about 65% of my research, questions, and further inquiries from a search engine rather than [...]

Art Therapy Interview: Student’s Ask Me Questions

How does Art Therapy help people that have health concerns/issues such as PTSD, or Alzheimer's?  I believe the focus would be on stress management and reduction in pathology due to illness. Patients diagnosed with Alzheimer's are depleting due to plaque forming around brain cells. I do not believe there is a clear linkage between the [...]