You are the light within the Shadow

Organic Rainbow Moment I am inclined to disagree with Jung when he says the Shadow is the person that we’d rather not be. The Shadow is that unadorned part of ourselves, it is flexible the way it stretches and contorts. The Shadow is our dark side, the side we hide and climb into, not the [...]

Branding Intentional Simplicity

The Intentional Simplicity Space: Hi!! I will be going ‘live’✨on Friday’s at 3:00 pm EST to talk about my company Intentional Simplicity, LLC ✨ I would love to have you all there! A few things I’ll be chatting about: ✨Intentionality✨Wellness✨Creativity✨Psychology✨Mindfulness✨Entrepreneurship✨Identity✨Sustainability✨Design & Organizational Psychology✨ SarafinaA litte about me … I help people gain an understanding of [...]

Expectations and Love

Organic Rainbow Moment: Expectations were like fine pottery. The harder you held them, the more likely they were to crack. Brandon Sanderson ✨... We must rediscover the distinction between hope and expectation. Ivan Illich ✨... I have no fear of losing you, for you aren’t an object of my property, or anyone else’s. I love [...]

Love and Lust: Your Truth

Evolutionarily lust is an integral part of being attracted to one another. The idea of pro-creating has been infused in every living thing across every species and being. The way birds display their colorful array of feathers to attract mates, the parading of the flamboyant patterns of butterflies, bucks demonstrating vitality by locking horns…  Lust [...]

Grounding Practice for Positivity

Organic Rainbow Moment:Self-compassion within your grounding ✨ Please enjoy this 5-minute meditation by Jessica Dillon ✨ Grounding Practice for Positivity ✨ I want you to close your eyes and imagine that you are in your happiest place. This can be a playground or a beach, or meadow, or even your room. All it needs to [...]

Increasing Your Listening Skills Through Mindfulness

Bohemian Reading Nook The Intentional Simplicity Space: How do we become more mindful listeners?! Mindful listening is all about taking time to experience what you are hearing or listening to at any given moment! Without judgment, distraction, or self-gain. Becoming a mindful listener takes time and effort! ✨First, you must set an intention to stay [...]

Feedback & Growth Review

Thank you for choosing Intentional Simplicity LLC for your creative and wellness needs! Take a snap of the QR code to leave a review. We would love to know your feedback! Tell me what you want me to know and I can help ✨

Mental Health & Wellness Awareness Month!

Sarafina Arthur-Williams, MA , CEO As for Intentional Simplicity LLC, we believe that mental health and wellbeing are a daily prioritization.As a Wellness Based Therapist, I am a vessel for my clients' words, experiences, and truth. If you are someone who supports and guides others to sustain their wellbeing and mental health, be mindful of [...]