bell hooks inspirational quotes

bell hooks inspirational quotes have inspired the values we incorporate into Intentional Simplicity LLC. It’s beautiful to say that her legacy has continued to touch me and so many others. Below are five significant pillars within the journey of self-growth and quotes from Bell Hooks! Organic Rainbow Moment; Bell Hooks bell hooks; SELF-LOVE. Imagine all [...]

Top 9 Organic Rainbow Moments

Top 9 Organic Rainbow Moments: An Interactive Workbook Your top 9 Organic Rainbow Moments offer to you in an interactive workbook. An individualized approach to sustainable growth on the go. I started my wellness-based private practice amid the united state's racial and health pandemic. My intuition pulled me toward shedding light on my community's mental [...]

all that heals

This journey began while in my psychology master's program; I was interested in learning about my identity and purpose in this world. I would ask questions, read books, listen to podcasts, you name it! However, I was still feeling stuck. I felt I would never truly understand more about who I was and my intention in [...]

Sports Psychology and Motivation

After realizing my passion for helping others and my knack for athletics, I decided to enter Sports Psychology. Sports Psychology is highly motivating. In my experience learning about Sports Psychology, I noticed it’s not about anyone else; it’s about you. What you want to do and how you want to achieve your goals. It has [...]

6 Ways Journaling Helps

Journaling can help track your progress, stay positive, heal, and increase self-awareness of negative thoughts. How can you relate to writing? What does writing bring out in you? Your plans, emotions, realization, unraveling, or expressive thoughts? Or was it just a childhood diary filled with secrets? When I was a teenager, I kept a secret [...]

Dr. Marc Brackett’s; RULER

RULER Skills by Marc Brackett; Permission to Feel For your reference, Marc Brackett's; Permission to Feel reviews the RULER approach in depth. What is RULER? Dr. Marc Brackett created RULER, an evidence-based social and emotional learning (SEL) approach at the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence. The approach focuses on: Understanding the value of emotionsBuilding the [...]

8 Shadow Work Journaling Prompts

My team and I put together 8 Shadow Work Journaling Prompts to help you support your light within your shadows. First, below are three introspective quotes I would like for you to ponder. Shadow Work Quotes to Ponder I disagree with Jung when he says the Shadow is the person we’d rather not be. The [...]

Mental Health Instagram Feed

Your Instagram feed has a lot more influence on your mental health than you know! Have you ever felt discomfort, depression, anxiety, or envious feelings while scrolling through your Instagram feed? Take a few minutes to answer the question below:  What images, stories, posts, or reels on your timeline increase your well-being or impact your [...]