Mental Health & Wellness Awareness Month!

Sarafina Arthur-Williams, MA , CEO

As for Intentional Simplicity LLC, we believe that mental health and wellbeing are a daily prioritization.

As a Wellness Based Therapist, I am a vessel for my clients’ words, experiences, and truth.

If you are someone who supports and guides others to sustain their wellbeing and mental health, be mindful of your impact. It is a disservice to reject a person’s authenticity in the process of helping them affirm their truth. Consider what role you intend to play in the lives of the people around you.

If you are someone struggling with your mental health and uncertain of where to start please feel free to reach out to us.

My favorite therapeutic practice is Art Therapy. It provides an alternative to talking therapy.

When working with an Art Therapist, they work as a supportive guide and partner in the client’s journey to self-actualization.

The artwork speaks, and it speaks volumes.

Trusting the process and your ability to sustain hope, is the first step.

Go ahead and join us in pledging Self-love for 2021 by liking and sharing this post with one other person.

To sustainably pledge self-love, start giving yourself patience, nurturance, acceptance, and empathy.

Outwardly this can look like taking a walk, eating a yummy and healthy meal, drinking water, practicing proper hygiene, meditation, and mindfulness.

Intentional Simplicity LLC is grateful to be a part of your mental health journey!

Take care,
Sarafina Arthur- Williams MA, CEO