Staying Creative and Inspired 

Staying creative and inspired in your career is not always easy for creatives and artists alike. Do you have a difficult time bringing your creative vision to light? A platform to discuss how you are feeling about your interest, passions, and goals may be just what you need.

Our curiosity does not always feel exciting when we live a life filled with monotonous day-to-day activities. Through my creative and artistic endeavors, I have learned that having a platform to discuss how you feel about your interests, passions, and goals makes it much easier to stay motivated and inspired by your work.

Staying Creative and Inspired in Your Career

My approach to creative sustainability is to increase our overall wellness and experience of creativity.

A Safe Space for Creative People

As your creative consultant, I explore how self-expression through various mediums merges with my client’s creative identity. I help you show up as your best self and move through barriers confidently and confidently. Creative energy is expansive and beneficial when used as a strength.

Neal Donald Walsh once said, “the deepest secret is that life is not a process of discovery, but a process of creation. You are not discovering yourself but creating yourself anew. Seek, therefore, not to find out who you are; seek to determine what you want to be.”

There is something about the process of creation that can not be explained. However, it empowers your bones, fills your heart, and expands your wildest thoughts beyond measures. We gain understanding from the roots that build foundations for creation.

Our souls can be connected through artistic expression. I use creativity to support others in understanding themselves and the world around them. Humanities’ expansion of creative intelligence often clashes with our political and religious ideologies, and when we are boxed into a thinking pattern, we lose our voice in the learning process.

Our work here is to offer guidance that encourages introspection and reflection on creative expression. From my experience, viewing and understanding art require different sensory receptors. Suppose we aren’t exposed to them in an exploratory and curious fashion. In that case, we allow societal patterns to dictate what form of creativity is shown to the world and what the art represents.

 Staying Creative and Inspired
Heartwork ‘ by Sarafina Arthur-Williams, ink drawn on paper

Schedule a free consultation with me if you want clarity and insight into your next creative steps. The Creative Consultation service gives you a platform to discuss how you are feeling about your business, interest/passions, and goals to increase overall wellness. Within 3-9 months, you are sure to find clarity and make a significant change in your creative work and life.

Embrace Your Creativity

“Self-definition is the ultimate reclamation of our power from both inner and outer oppressive forces. It can help us make psychological and energetic space for ourselves to create in our own words and images, in our own way, with our own intentions. It can allow us to incorporate our values, feelings, and priorities more freely into our creative work.”
-Lucy H. Pearce