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Our Patreon community is designed to be a place where we can connect on a deeper level, provide you with exclusive content and resources, and help you embark on a transformative creative journey.

We’re thrilled to share some exciting news with you today. If you’re a regular visitor to ourIntentional Simplicity LLC website, you already know that we’re all about nurturing creativity, supporting mental wellness, and fostering a sense of community. Today, we’re taking those values to the next level with the launch of our brand-new Patreon page for all you creatives!

Why Patreon?

You might be wondering why we’ve chosen Patreon as our platform of choice for this exciting venture. Well, here’s the scoop:

  1. Deeper Engagement: Patreon allows us to engage with our community in more meaningful ways. We’ll have the opportunity to connect with you directly, learn about your unique needs, and tailor our content and resources to better serve you.
  2. Exclusive Content: As a Patreon member, you’ll gain access to exclusive content that won’t be available on our Intentional Simplicity LLC website. This includes behind-the-scenes looks at our creative process, personalized resources, and much more.
  3. Support Mental Wellness: Our Patreon community is all about supporting your mental wellness journey through creative inspiration, emotional support, and 1:1 guidance, we’re here to help you thrive.
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What Can You Expect: Membership Tiers

Now that you know why we’ve chosen Patreon, let’s talk about what you can expect when you join our Patreon community:

Tier 1: Intentional Simplicity Community

In this tier, you’ll become a part of our thriving Intentional Simplicity social community. You’ll get a glimpse into our daily creative endeavors, culminating in what we like to call “Organic Rainbow Moments.” Plus, you’ll receive a custom digital creative self-portrait that’s all about you and your creative aspirations.

Tier 2: Creative Identities

If you’re looking to dive deep into your creative identity, this tier is perfect for you. You’ll gain access to a unique digital ebook tailored to your needs, addressing various dimensions of your being – mind, body, and soul. To help you on your creative journey, Tier 2 members have email access to us! Send in your questions for personalized responses.

Tier 3: Creative Consulting with Sarafina

In this tier, you’ll enjoy one-on-one sessions with a dedicated creative consultant, helping you navigate your creative roadblocks and find clarity and transformation in both your creative work and life. We offer services such as digital design, strategy planning, and mentoring for marketing teams to elevate your creative endeavors.

Join Our Patreon Community
Join Our Patreon Community


We’re incredibly excited to embark on this journey with you through our Patreon community. Whether you’re seeking creative inspiration, support for your mental wellness, or guidance in your creative endeavors, we’re here! Experience a creative environment that meets you with a safe, welcoming, and transformative space.

Join our Patreon family and unlock a world of exclusive content and resources:

Click the link below and choose the tier that resonates with you. We can’t wait to welcome you into our community and help you elevate your creative journey.

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