Thrive Summit in Utah

Retreat and Thrive with Megan Gunnell LMSW; Thrive Summit in Utah. I will touch on using social media as a therapist and starting and scaling my business.

Starting and Scaling a Business is Hard!

Honestly, it was a nightmare of ups and downs when I started my business. I was tough on myself during this process until I realized I was a beginner. Creating and scaling a business was not something I was familiar with or comfortable doing.

Ask Critical Questions

For example, was I acting out of love, fear, hope, or scarcity? I intend to use my practice and energy as a vessel of service to others. Love became a practice of intentional simplicity, and from then on, I began to move in alignment with the universe and my ancestors.

I learned that if this is going to be sustainable, it needs to be my blueprint – a blueprint rooted in love. My education and life experiences have prepared me to be a healer, helper, and mental wellness expert for humans.

Blueprint of ‘sarafina’ Love

In conclusion, I could not scale my business like others as the industry runs on a prescribed medical model that did not serve me, my community, or my purpose. I used my gifts to my advantage throughout all parts of my practice. From there on, the people who were drawn to Intentional Simplicity LLC were the right clients for me.

Use My Gifts to My Advantage

After that, a year and a half later, I cracked the code to run my practice in a way that serves me sustainably!

It’s being consistently inconsistent, serving with love and self-compassion! Above all, I must have been on to something because I could stay grounded within my identity all while creatively approaching my wellness and mental health practice.

If you are unsure where to start, schedule a free consultation here. We will work together to discover your strengths and needs. In the meantime, I will be touching on using social media as a therapist and starting and scaling my business at the Thrive Summit in Utah with Megan Gunnell LMSW.

Thrive and Retreat in Utah with Megan Gunnell LMSW.

Join me at the Thrive Summit in Utah, May 19-22, 2022

This experience is will leave you feeling restored and energized, part retreat, part inspirational learning summit! You’ll leave feeling ready to scale your business beyond the 1:1 model of care. Use my coupon code: SARAFINATHRIVES at checkout and now receive $50 off your registration price.

Visit the Thriving Well Institute to learn more about Building Your Blueprint to private practice and the amazing woman that started it all, Megan Gunnell LMSW.

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With Intention, Sarafina