Your Creative Legacy

My art is a tool to enhance the African diaspora’s beauty, love, creativity, and resilience. Art has the power to involve itself in the essential form of understanding the self.

The Creative Legacy Project

Art allows people to attribute newfound knowledge to a perspective that has brought a limited view to their environment or circumstance. Our reality contradicts their newfound self-expression; the art can feel uncomfortable. The used art emphasizes my emotions creatively.

The creative process mitigates the dull or numbing experience we continually face on social media.  This power comes from our shared sensory experience as humans. We feel emotions and transmute them outwardly. Specific to this project, arts have brought people together, and we ‘feel’ what is in the art

Creative Wisdom

As a creative facilitator of change, I assist others in differentiating facts from assumptions and merging feelings with imagination. In this process, new meaning, healing, and growth are found.

Along the creative journey, the art is made, and the moment we share it with others, the art transform identities. Below are two lessons I have learned along the way:

  • The art will meet you where you are.
  • The battle is being open to the experiences of feeling.

In the most innocent, naïve, or childlike way, people value the process of play, creativity, and cathartic release; they value expressing themselves.

My Creative Legacy

I began this line of work to learn more about how legacy formation within the LGBTQIA and BIPOC communities express themselves. As a creative and narrative-based researcher, I love to bring my perspective to work! Art is a truth, a reality, and an imaginative influence known as your creative legacy.

My ‘intuition collection’called Heartwork in in black and white and my ‘legacy project’ is in color.

Please enjoy the gallery below and check out the extended here.