all that heals

This journey began while in my psychology master’s program; I was interested in learning about my identity and purpose in this world. I would ask questions, read books, listen to podcasts, you name it! However, I was still feeling stuck. I felt I would never truly understand more about who I was and my intention in life.

I realized that I was trying to fit into spaces that did not affirm my identity, and my internal pain was driving my decisions. This made it difficult to accept that I was intersectional and that my differences made me a better person. I used all my resources to learn about myself, but the resources lacked multicultural considerations. These areas so happen to be the areas I needed to explore myself.

Make room on your bookshelf for ‘all that heals.’

I decided to stop working so hard at “knowing” myself and instead started simplifying how I moved through the world. I intentionally incorporated the fundamentals of being a human into my life. In other words, I made my well-being a priority. I made self-love a priority. I invested in my healing by participating in art therapy (my favorite type of therapy), built my schedule around self-care, and crafted time to reflect on my experiences.

This process allowed me to acknowledge my ‘humanness’ in my voice and to reinforce my lifestyle with grace and self-compassion. I decided to speak. This is how I am and how I became ‘intentional simplicity.’ This poetry collection is the first step to cultivating a self-care and mindfulness practice rooted in your purpose. Take your time to build a sustainable plan that fits your lifestyle with intention.

‘all that heals’ is a collection of poems and art pieces that offered me the language to cultivate a sustainable self-care and mindfulness practice.

all that heals

I would like to give you a portal into my mind.

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Sarafina Arthur-Williams, MA is the CEO and founder of Intentional Simplicity LLC, a virtual wellness-based private practice. As a creative, she educates her clients and humanistic practitioners about positive psychology, art therapy, and the value of wellness and mindfulness within the workplace. She is ranked on Feedspot’s top psychology bloggers of 2020 -2022 and features as a guest speaker on a variety of mental health and wellness platforms.

With Intention, Sarafina

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