Mental Health Insurance

My hope for our field is to increase our ability to reach professionals outside the mental health insurance systems. We must continue to try for the sake of our clients. It is difficult to empathize with or understand someone you don’t know. 

Insurance Companies and Mental Health

I remember one case involving a client with present suicidal ideation, yet the insurance company was unwilling to cover their stay. Because of this, I feel very strongly about the ethics surrounding using a diagnosis exclusively for insurance reimbursement.” 


 I, too, have noticed this behavior while working within community mental health. My mind wanders toward the lack of communication between mental health providers and business corporations. I believe we are missing or passing one another. Insurance companies do not follow our ethical codes and guidelines as they probably have their own.

It hurts us more to use them as a pathway to helping our clients receive the best care if they do not understand why we make the decisions we do. It makes me wonder if we need to find another means of communicating the needs of our clients. This would involve us knowing what our clients are experiencing (bringing them into the room).

With Intention, Sarafina.

Wellness-Based Therapy services are not a medical model of psychological diagnostics and do not lead to a diagnosis or treatment plan. With this being said, Intentional Simplicity LLC does not accept insurance.