Creativity, Psychology, & Business

With over six years of experience in psychology-based practices and five years of multicultural wellness programming, I bring your company my ability to shape and deliver positive cultural change in a complex organization. Through my career, I have gained extensive experience in successfully consulting, monitoring, embedding, and reporting on the performance of multicultural workforce objectives about equality, diversity, and inclusion. 

Sarafina, CEO & Founder

Creativity & Wellness in your Workplace

Intentional Simplicity offers set days and times to devote to you, your employees, and your creative business. I will show up for you, guide you, and celebrate your success! Together, let’s make incredible things happen.

Creativity, Wellness, & Research

Current Research Topics

Empathy; can empathy be taught, and how to find empathy within.

Intergenerational legacies in the black female community; exploring how our history influences our current and future selves. An arts-based approach to qualitative research.

Wellness in the workplace, community, education system, family, friendships, and in a virtual world. How can wellness be incorporated into every facet of life, and what are the benefits?

Creativity & Wellness in Education

My passion for positive psychology, creativity, and wellness is depicted through narratives and interpersonal connections. An inspiring, and thought-provoking keynote. Prepare to be taken on a journey of wellness!

building legacies of CREATIVITY & wellness