What is Psychology?

The Launch

I was stuck. Between my passion for expression and creativity and my barriers of societal expectation and familial trajectory. Misinterpreted data and confusing signals. I needed to know more, I needed to understand more, I needed to gain more of myself. I yearned and still yearn for a greater understanding of my mind… of our minds. Psychology…the breakdown of a mind, a behavior, a single thought. How helpful.

What I do.

Psychologists work to capture the breadth of human behaviors, experiences, and suffering. To be beneficial, we must be able to capture the true nature of humanity to say that we understand cultural constructs and individual phenomena faithfully. I am pleased and proud of my decision. 

What can you believe?

The moment of affect, it changes you from being who you think you are, to being who the world sees you as. In that exact moment, you live in a world that reminds you of how “others” perceive you as, instead of how you perceive yourself. The power of representation, the power of influence, I could also say, the power of a mind.