NOIR COLLECTION 2020: Blackness

NOIR COLLECTION 2020 is a collection of Blackness! 2020 has created a wave of strength within the African American community. As an African American artist, I value representation in all facets of my community. I aim to capture the richness that is Blackness. I shift perspectives of black – my lens is black. Within the intersectionality of who I am, I affirm the lives of all people within the black diaspora and capture them through photography. I affirm the value of humanity and encourage globalism. Photographs hold moments in time, and we must recognize that our moments make up a lifetime. I innovate spaces to build legacies of Blackness. My medium and my lens have pioneered NOIR COLLECTION 2020. 

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NOIR COLLECTION 2020: Blackness in Uniform
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Feature: Britani & Her Family

I’m Puertorican and black. I’m very ignorant of black culture because my mom was a single mom, and I was raised with my “Hispanic” side. I know I’m just as black as anyone else. Just because my son and I are of lighter skin, we’re learning to take pride in being black. I will teach my son to respect all shades/people equally, even amongst colorism. As I too, will continue to be that example to him. I have to raise our black son like every other black family – to prepare him for our world. Even though my husband is of Latin origin, I am also responsible for helping him understand life as a black woman and a little bit more of the black experience.

Britani B.