Design Your Space Packages

The Intentional Simplicity Space
The Intentional Simplicity Space

Initial Consultation: (Required for each package) / $75

During this time, we work together to explore your aesthetic! What is it like to be in the space you are creating? What is it like to have a customer, friends, family, or even colleagues in the space? You are able to ask questions regarding your overall vision and goals! We’ll take a walk through the space and focus on areas that you have concerns about or even spaces you love and want to recreate! 

The consultation session will last 2 hours. The designer will take photos and build mappings of your space as well. We will discuss budgets and timeline, so the designer can build a framework of what is most doable and affordable for each client. 

Select Services at our Hourly Rate / $65 per hour offered in 4-hour increments

Help with color palettes, fabrics, and selection of furnishings

Shopping day for furnishings, décor, art work and much more. 

Decorating your home alongside you!

With this package a timesheet will be kept to record all hourly services.

Let’s finish the job!

Customization Package/ $400 per room

Details will be provided of everything you may need to create this space on your own!

This package includes:

Design Map with specific furnishings, color scheme, artwork, décor, and lighting recommendations to finish off your space.  

Floor plan so you know exactly where to place everything

Shopping list with local and online resources

Redesign The Space Package/ $550 per room or 40% of entire project budget

Your newly designed space encompasses your visions, ideas, and favorite things! During this process, we remove your existing décor and transform the space into the desired aesthetic. We will create an individualized plan for your space and an estimated timeframe based on the number of rooms and the amount of existing décor you want to keep. 

Intentional Simplicity Artist/ TBD

Intentional Simplicity not only helps clients build personal and meaningful spaces they also offer customized art pieces (painting, wood burning, crafting, etc.) DIY projects are also welcomed, pricing is based on the completed project.