How My Mind Works

Art work created by Sarafina Arthur-Williams resembling her brain.

The Establishment 

I began with a pencil and a sketch pad. I created a world where my mind had no limits. My imagination and the art I created drove my purpose. For the first time, I felt passionate and connected to a sphere of exploration and meaning. Within my curiosity, I fell in love with art — the making, the materials, the movement, the depth, and the feelings it evoked within me. Art shaped my perspective on life, but more importantly, it gave me a reason to continue growing. 

…and in that moment, she said she was an artist…and from then on, she was.

Sarafina Arthur-Williams – CEO & Founder of Intentional Simplicity, LLC

I believe that all people are looking for their “art.” May it be, in fact, art or a different passion, we all strive to be heard and to share our perspective on the world. My role is to open the space for my clients to gain an understanding of their purpose, themselves, and the world around them. As a masters-level practitioner, I implement change through relational and scientific-based practices. I create a holistic environment that capitalizes on diversity and meets my clients’ needs by offering a variety of learning methods.

Personal Learning Goals
Experimental Learning

To properly offer adequate space for growth, I must first understand who I am and how my presence resonates with others. That being said, I align my philosophy with both my creative and psychological approaches to your business or independent growth. I am skilled in several theoretical orientations, multicultural competencies, creative expressions, and counseling techniques. I integrate real-life experiences to help my clients increase their creative and intuitive knowledge. I encourage my clients to use critical thinking and creativity when processing information. To do so, I offer a range of methods that target inclusivity and diversity to help my clients grow as a business and as self-directed individuals.

Case Method Learning
Arts- Based Learning
Problem-Based Learning

I teach clients how to develop their identity. I encourage clients to be ambitious, driven, and accountable for their decisions. I challenge my clients by emboldening them to stay curious about other perspectives. I support their journey while also instilling an atmosphere of set expectations so personal growth can be pursued and sustained.

With Intention, Sarafina