Self-worth and the Value of Community

Organic Rainbow Moment:
Our sense of self can feel weak, ineffective, and lack meaning/goals. As humans, we require the support of others to help us reach a healthier sense of self.

What happens when you don’t have a healthy environment to build your sense of self?

Our internal self struggles to enhance their internal regulation, self-esteem, and feelings of cohesion/continuity. The more these unhealthy self-patterns persists, the likelihood that we struggle in building interpersonal relationships, mature self-relations, and real self-love.

Now let’s get back to the community… if we lack in internal self-worth and love, we are much more susceptible to going along with someone else’s storyline, trauma, love, pain, journey, and at times the emotional weight.

As a wellness-based therapist, I help my clients become the center of their own life story; with empathy, compassion, patience, and acceptance.

With Intention, Sarafina