Feeling love deprived? If you are a human, I am sure this resonates…

Lori Deschene; Do You Recognize and Receive Love? ✨

What I’ve learned is that receiving love doesn’t necessarily mean opening up to a long-term relationship, though of course, it can mean that.

It also means consciously looking for acts of love and them choosing to appreciate and accept them.

When someone looks out for you, empathizes with you, stands up for you, listens to you, relates to you, appreciates you, respects you, accepts you, or acknowledges you, they are giving you love.

When someone thanks you, encourages you, believes in you, supports you, forgives you, soothes you, uplifts you, or trusts you, they are giving you love.

When someone opens up to you, tries to know you, stays strong for you, assumes the best in you, compliments you, mentors you, makes time for you, or makes an effort for you, they are giving you love.

Love is always coming at us, in one form or another—sometimes from friends, sometimes from family, sometimes from strangers, we may only know in passing.

Lori Deschene
As the year comes to an end, take some time to reflect on your love.

-Is your pain blocking you from receiving love?

-What does your love look like? Feel like?

-Do the people you choose to keep around you understand how you receive love?

-Are you open or closed off to the love that is – in – and around you?

-What do you need to tap into your love?

You are deserving of your love and the love that surrounds your light