Tips for Teachers by Teachers: Focus on Self-Care this Summer

To take care of students, caretakers and peers, teachers need take care of themselves first. Check out a few ideas on how to do just that this summer.


Guys I am screaming! So excited to share this wonderful blog post from a colleague and inspirational friend Will Tolliver Jr., PBS SOCAL blog writer, as he acknowledges the hardships of 2020 and encourages us to consider our self-care above all. As a teacher and soon to be a professor, I can attest to the difficulties of balancing responsibilities and obligations over personal needs.

Tolliver capitalizes on connecting with peers, family, and old friends as a means to build positive supports in times of uncertainty and distress. He mentions “check-in” as a normal and efficient way of building lasting relationships through Facetime, Google Handouts, and Zoom. Whether you are sharing lunch and dinner recipes, or advocating for Black Lives these conversations are important and necessary for self-care.

Tolliver also discusses something that Intentional Simplicity, LLC prides itself in which is – Protecting Your Energy! He shares wonderful ways of staying attuned to your energy and emotional channels. My favorite tip Tolliver shares are the Green, Yellow, and Red conversation reflections:

Journaling: To the best of my ability, I aim to end my day by writing down all the things that I did. Conversations that I had, things that I read/watched, chores I did, anything that I can think of; and I like to rate them by color.
– Green = This made me feel good.
– Yellow = This made me feel neutral.
– Red = I did not like the way this made me feel.
By doing this, we can start to identify the things in our lives that we deem positive/negative and make the steps to keep, change, or release them.

To add to his approach towards wellness and self-care, Tolliver also encourages the PBS community to continue learning! PBS has incorporated a free Virtual Professional Learning Series on PBS LearningMedia that help teachers, professors, and wondering minds push their knowledge and reflect on the world around us. To our benefit, Tolliver and his team have worked to build a four-part series on exploring and understanding systemtic racism. These learning tools are available at your convenience once published.

Here are the series dates and topics:

July 21: Deepening Your Understanding of Race and Racism

July 23: Using Media to Know Better, Teach Better

July 28: Amplify Student Voice

July 30: Focusing on Young Learners

Lastly, to add to the excitement… Tolliver mentions Intentional Simplicity’s Meme Therapy as a tool for self-care! We understand how useful and detrimental social media is, Intentional Simplicity find’s joy in incorporating meme therapy to help clients, friends, and community members start to introspect and heal in a more relaxed context. Tolliver explains that there is no one right way to heal or have self-care but it is important to at least try to build a lifestyle around doing things for you! We totally agree!

Intentional Simplicity, LLC is beyond grateful to be recognized by PBS SOCAL and Will Tolliver, Jr. If you aren’t sure how to incorporate self-love and self-care into your daily regimen reach out to Intentional Simplicity!

With Intention,


Will Tolliver Jr. PBS SOCAL Blog Writer