Forgiveness Art Activity: What does it look like?

Forgiveness is a gift we all possess, to each of us, forgiveness can look like a number of things. For this activity I would like for each of you to create a symbol (gift) of forgiveness in your mind and transform it on to this card. Think of a gift of some kind that you can offer to the person you are trying to forgive. It can be forgiveness to yourself (which is essential) or forgiveness to someone else. This could be a symbol of a smile, a peace sign, a heart, a cross, even a word or phrase (etc.).  

Allow this symbol to walk with you throughout your relationships. Offer it when necessary and remind yourself that forgiveness is loving ourselves enough not to accept bad behavior. Forgiveness is where someone else’s errors no longer affect our happiness, and forgiveness is a natural expression of who you are.

P.S. Always consider your own safety first when extending kindness and goodwill towards a person. If interacting with a person could put you in danger, find another way to express your feelings, such as by writing in a journal or engaging in a practice such as compassion meditation.


  • Rainbow art sheet (card) 
  • Toothpicks 

Duration: 20 minutes 

         5 minutes (meditation)

         10-15 minutes (drawing and group discussion) 

Activity works well when paired with a forgiveness meditation session prior to starting the art activity. 

With Intention,

Watercolor Painted on Several Small Canvas