102: Poetry

To my wife,

So strange to find such a soul that matches every inch of mine…
to have my whole life and to finally encounter the one who captures my light.
I can remember the day I met you – so sweet, so gentle, so kind, so simple.

You made me smile the entire time… I didn’t know that would be the norm for the rest of my life.
Everything you do is intentional – I have never met anyone who meticulously wants to make me

happy, who wants to care for me who wants to love me.

I must say it is a bit strange… here and there I give you push back but yet, you continue to show me so much grace and compassion.

Every day, I pray to God to be more like him, to show me someone who can make me realize
what it is like to be selfless, to love beyond all reason and to comfort others even when time feel estranged and hopeless.

All along I never realized that he brought me you, you embody everything I want and more and I cannot believe how lucky I am.

It is beautiful to watch you love… you love so dearly.

I love that you wipe my tears and then proceeds to cry with me when I am feeling down.
Being with you has made me realize that everyone loves the cheerful me, and first I thought that
was who I had to be with you, but you made me understand that hard times with someone you
love is better than conquering pain on your own. I can be my full self and you don’t understand how remarkable that feels.

How amazing to have a love that delves so deeply with emotion – but yet so far from complex.
I can admit that I was afraid to love – I was afraid to love you … you were stunning and so mysterious.

The way you carried so much in your arms and in your mind, I knew I wanted to be there to unpack it all for you.

You have so much strength and so much pain. How could anyone relieve that from you? I can’t
promise you that every day will be perfect, I can’t promise you that life will be easy, and I can’tpromise you that I can change what has already happened.

But I want you to know you are worth every ounce of who I am and what I can and will continue
to be for you. I love you in ways your heart could never understand. We came to each other inpieces and now exist together whole.

With this promise ring I promise to be patient, even when I’m hungry or sleepy, I promise to help
you pick outfits out for the rest of our lives, I promise to tickle you when you don’t see it coming.
I promise to make your vodka and OJ when you’ve had a rough day. I promise to build you up at
all times! I promise to bother you and get on your nerves daily. I promise to surprise you with
gifts, I promise to be extra, I promise to hold you in my arms and I promise to be the best
version of myself when I am with you. I promise to go with you anywhere and to live a life full ofunconditional love.

You are my greatest joy.
Love always, Sarafina