Class: Status and Resources

Class, as defined through an economic, social, and political lens, can be described as people of similar status. These classes have been designated and assigned based on intergenerational expectations and guidelines. Status can be described as the importance or the value someone possesses within or outside, of a class. Since class affects status, similar ideologies and belief systems are transmitted and engraved into a society so profoundly, that people have believed that their class is directly correlated with genetic makeup. This came to be known as racial taxonomy.

Class divisions are based on three main criteria:

1.    a person’s position in the occupational structure

2.    a person’s position in authority structures

3.    a person’s position in the property structure

Due to the power sustained within this general fabrication of the truth, several groups and classes are subject to living in a world that dismantles their real identity and ability. There have been times where the separation of persons into classes has supported the general needs of all people in certain groups. However, does this system still serve our economy? Humans have adapted and surpassed the primary forms of survival; we are all capable of learning and growing. Continuing to separate people by class contradicts the American value of equality and equity. People are not treated as if on level playing fields, and people are not given the same opportunities to obtain class mobility. Class not only affects a person’s life chances, it affects their ability to perceive a world full of opportunity and chances. The American class system has been continuously engraved for centuries in our culture’s structural makeup. Laws and policies that favor particular groups – typically the white majority – allow for disproportionate opportunities of advancement, such as the “red taping” of the housing market in the 60’s; however, they have been mistaken misperceived as providing the same, “good” services for all people.

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