To Ife: Thank you for being blackness

Hi Ife ,❣️ you inspired me. You inspire me.

I am grateful to get to share a small instant of an arduous experience with you. That moment has allowed me to propel into the person who I am today (sitting outside drinking coffee lol)! I guess we really never know what moments mean the most…

Being a black woman is so hard and on top of everything else, we know how to understand and forgive the people who hurt us consistently. This is (a) journey of what it is like to be black in America.

I’m so proud of you for speaking up in a room full of “other” … silent yet so strong.

The black America I choose to encourage is a room full of black women who are also therapist – we will always see you – and we will always hear you. ❣️

Thank you for being black, and thank you for being a woman on top of that too! Thank you for being here 💕 I need more people like you through my journey of education. Through my journey of life.

Please reach out if you ever need anything.