Sustaining Our Clients Pain: Art as Healing

What are your past experiences regarding internal peace and control?

I have included a meditative practice into my life. I do this through my artwork and writing. I aim to be honest and authentic with myself through a reflective and introspective lens. My “coming out” experience evoked something within me that I have been yearning to know. I allowed myself to live in my truth. It has been a difficult transition, but also a beautiful journey. Art, to me, is another form of “being.” I use art as therapy because I believe all forms of expression are an extension of a person’s truth. My art process is an exemplification of how I view people and the world. I understand the complexity of an experience. This understanding informs my empathy. 

A psychologist must be able to sustain pain, discomfort, and uncertainty for an extended period of time.

With Intention.