Self Care: Therapist, Student, Partner, Educator

I began my exploration of self-care while in my master’s program. Art therapy programs place emphasis on the therapist’s role while examining artwork. It is very easy to see whatever you want in someone’s art. In some sense, this is similar to countertransference. If we project our unconscious beliefs onto someone else, we risk either affirming our client’s belief system or rejecting/alienating our client’s belief system. Either way, our role is neither. By surrounding my life with self-care, it allows me to work on my emotional intelligence. This is imperative to me and my work. While on quarantine and precautions, I have built my self-care plans into my daily routines. Include are; meditation, introspection, writing, creating art, playing with my dog, dancing, yelling, eating, sleeping, bubble baths, wine, quality time with my partner, reading, and sitting outside.

With Intention.