Self Care and Quarantine: Student’s Don’t Get Break’s!

Recently, I have noticed that self-care can be found in the smallest ways. To this point, I enjoy practicing meditation! Within this practice, I set my intentions to become more present and aware in my everyday interactions. In other words, I meditate throughout my day. I have practiced incorporating breathing techniques and internal cues that remind me to bring my attention back to the present moment. I believe that there is a difference between internal self-care and external-self-care. As a new therapist, my internal self-care has taken precedence in my life. Being present with myself is an essential part of my self-care regimen. I enjoy taking time to reflect on my experience and thinking patterns. I find that while creating artwork or writing poetry, I tap into new insights. Just as I do with my internal self-care, I also enjoy creating and being in spaces that promote relaxation, creation, comfort, and stillness. I have cultivated this daily practice so I can be more present with my internal dialogue. Each space in my home is designed to promote good energy flow and relaxation. When things around me are chaotic or scattered, I work to balance my inner self, so I feel safe and grounded. My external and internal self-care go hand in hand. I enjoy exploring new self-care techniques that I can embed into my daily living.

There are several techniques I have implemented throughout my journey thus far:

  1. I often wear cool colors, such as green, blue, and grey. These colors give me space to feel at ease and calm.
  2. I have several blankets and pillows in each space in my home (and car)!
  3. I light candles and turn on my diffuser when I settle into a room.
  4. I have personal therapy sessions.
  5. I talk with my friends and family.
  6. My partner and I incorporate home “dates,” as we are often apart.
  7. I pick certain days out of the week to spend extra time on my physical appearance. This idea has also translated to Teletherapy and Online School. I wake up in the morning and prepare to “go to work” or “go to school.”
  8. I go for walks with my dog.
  9. I paint, draw, and craft.
  10. We prepare a tasty meal that pares well with wine!

Self-care to incorporate:

I hope to begin exercising a lot more. I used to value this form of self-care when I was an athlete. Unfortunately, since then, I have not been consistent. I want to incorporate yoga and strength building into my routine.

With Intention.