Response Art: Students vs. COVID-19

What do you feel? Everything. Pandemic Release.
Color Pencil, & Ink

Do students really know how to ask for what they need?

As a student, I have noticed that there is a tendency to meet the expectations of our professors rather than also considering our own. To my understanding, professors are here to teach us the ways of the field. This is one perspective.

I hope that we are able to adapt our own understanding and authenticity within our education. I understand that professors have the responsibility to grade our work fairly and ethically. Without these checks and balances, we risk harm.

I worry that this fear of expectation suppresses our internal drive to stay passionate and intentional about our learning. To some degree, I believe that we rob ourselves of the ability to stay present enough to ask for what may need.

In times like this, how do professors offer guidance? How do we learn how to ask for what we need? What does it feel like to not know how to ask for what we need during a pandemic?

These are the questions I have been reflecting on over the past few weeks. It’s been a rough transition! I am very passionate about my learning! My emotions and thoughts continue to change as my environment does. My most recent perspective is focused on intentional healing.

With Intention.