Responding to a Student Psychologist:


“Can resiliency be taught?”

Thank you for bringing up the idea of resiliency. Does it depend on the life you have been given? In my belief, resiliency is a skill that can be developed and explored within the therapeutic relationship. I find that the crux of resiliency is within the perception of the person. Each experience is filled with how our thoughts have been defined within our minds. We filter experiences through how we conceptualize situations. I read an article describing Dr. George Bonanno’s theory of resilience. The theory questions why some people handle adversity more effectively or more frequently than others. As a psychologist, we must navigate through each clients view of themselves and their world to build resiliency within themselves. Does it necessarily mean that a therapist with a skill of resiliency will better effectively gauge a client in need or lacking resiliency? Does the journey of resilience determine the change process within the client? Does the change process depend on the therapeutic orientation of the therapist? These questions lead me to consider the value of authenticity and to be present in one’s life. I find that a therapist journey grows alongside each client, and our characteristics are continuously being developed, the more we invest in this process.

With Intention.