Responding to a Student Psychologist: The Role of The Future Gatekeeper.


I am responding to this section of your post:

Nevertheless, as faculty function as gatekeepers to the profession, they are required to assess, remediate, and dismiss if necessary.

I value this section of your post! I belive the word gatekeeper is associated with control. I find that professors who attain status within the educational system gain the ability to create educational change. To this point, I often get frustrated when I do not feel as if professors do not have their students’ best intentions in mind. To give students the ability to learn is a gift. I have thought about certain instances in which I would need to enforce remediation. Would I be able to ethically support my student, my self, and my program? As gatekeepers, we can decide how to react to situations and follow through with our decisions. This is the control I was referring to previously. By giving students guidelines, do we allow them to keep a sense of control? For a long time, our education system has supported students by maintaining order and tradition while rejecting differences. We prepare our programs to be efficient and sustainable. Do we do the same for our students? To some degree, I believe the education system (at any level) has developed a business approach, just as our economy and nation have in several facets. I hope to return to times when innovation and creativity fule our learning. We must begin to invest in one another, in humanity and it’s basic needs. I belive we can explore this by intentionally and mindfully listening to one another. Both the gatekeeper and the aspiring gatekeeper, depend on one another to transcend the field of psychology. 

With Intention.