Responding to a Student Psychologist: Assessments & Interpretations

Mrs. C,

I am responding to this section of your post;

As Dr. R said, an instrument itself is not valid or invalid – the interpretation is! As psychologists, we always have to be mindful of the limitations and available norm groups of instruments.

I appreciate that you shared this perspective. To be able to genuinely interpret an assessment with our client’s experiences in mind, we need to invest in their overall wellbeing. Assessments can only give us so much information. The data we gather when we sit with each client develops our recommendations. In this regard, we must be aware of how to consider the diversity within each person. This will also allow us to find commonalities between specific groups of people.  What does the client’s environment, familial stature, educational journey, etc. bring to the case? What do particular groups have in common – how can we learn more about their needs? I like that you included Dr. R’s statement; I would also compare it to the validity of the interpreter!

With Intention.