LGBTQIA+ : How the World Perceives Me Now

I often grapple with this question: how much of myself should I put aside to help someone else make sense of their insecurities about my chosen/ given identity? My initial response is to be kind and accepting of microaggressions with compassion and understanding. However, I realized their insecurities of me had to do with their projection and conflict within themselves. I began to gauge my questions in a way that helped me channel my reactions and frustration with others. I had this same contemplation when I came out about my sexuality or defended my skin color. I was not necessarily mad but more so sad for the people who struggled to accept me based on their religion and their culture. It is challenging to project unconditional positive regard without sacrificing parts of who you are. Is this sacrifice worth it? I guess when the sacrifice compromises who you are, it is necessary to take a step back and observe how we are affected. We can use this same process to help our clients who differ from us.

With Intention.