Introspection Part 2

The ability to be so connected to the experiences around is a difficult thing to do. This process allows us to think deeper and gain new insight into ourselves and how we move through the world. I find that reflection only focuses on one aspect of a situation. Introspection allows us to have an internal understanding that promotes self-awareness. A psychologist has a profound duty to understand how their influence affects others. This propels us to think about our everyday interactions and how they are based on how we perceive the world. As a psychologist, we must work to see the world through several lenses. In other words, the power of introspection affects the strength of the projection. We project what may be happening inside of ourselves, outwardly. We gain our abilities to be in this field effectively, by our awareness of the self, the other, and the relationship. I sometimes think this awareness gets the betterness of us, as we try to assimilate into normal conversation. In this capacity, we have become a part of something bigger. We have become a part of the spaces we take up and the people we impact. For each client we have, we give them the ability to introspect. This skill is powerful and often needed, but often repressed. This ability allows us to be present and within the spaces in between the words that are not usually said. Introspection is asking yourself to see the bigger picture.

With Intention.