Faith in Uncertainty: LGBTQIA+ Support Story

I have been recently exploring how my Christian faith will impact my role as a psychologist. In result of COVID-19, I have been wondering how  Christianity has been used as a way to cope with anxiety. I am a member of the queer community, and I have struggled with following the Christian faith. My mother has created a lot of fear and uncertainty within me that I continue to grapple with. I have yet to step back into my faith as deeply as I did before. When I came out to my mother, I reverted to my normal defenses for a moment and then decided to share my truth. She used the Christian faith to dismantle my view of homosexuality and, therefore, dismantle my view of myself. I could no longer let her have that control. I guess, getting to this place within our relationship has allowed me to see that a belief system is independent to each person. I see Christianity differently than my mother, and it is okay. I hope I am able to give my clients the space to explore where their fear grows.

With Intention.