Article Review: Google and Facebook raise new issues for therapists and their clients

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I chose this article because of my interest in how technology will impact our field. I currently run a website and a blog. Prior to publicizing my blog, I was concerned with how my online presence would impact my role as a therapist. I valued creating the social media policy specifically for this reason. 

Scarton (2010) discussed the issues surrounding an online presence as a therapist. Several questions were asked, such as:

  • Should a therapist review the Web site of a patient or conduct an online search without that patient’s consent?
  • Is it appropriate for a therapist to put personal details about himself on a blog or Web site or to join Facebook or other social networks?
  • What are the risks of having patients and therapists interact online?

As a growing therapist, the clients I will continue to come in contact with relying on online platforms to support their needs. I, too, use media and social networks to learn and engage with others. I want my clients to feel comfortable viewing my website and the content provided. I do not post anything I would not want my clients to see. To this point, I also have concerns that my online presence may interfere with a client’s ability to be present with me in the room. I will continue to explore how my use of online platforms affects my professional roles. 

The intention behind the use of search engines is to support the safety of my clients. As more people rely on the Internet as means of communication, we are required to adapt and adjust to how people move through the virtual world. I believe our current use of technology and social media will likely increase over the next several years. Our therapeutic relationship may not only be confined within the walls of our physical space. People will often post their whereabouts and personal cries for help on the Internet. We must also encourage parents to use their children, and friend’s online presence, as an indicator of behavior- whatever it may be. 

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